Ethno Jazz group Trigon was born in 1992 owing to desire to play music for the soul, which one is unexpected for musicians has brought to them the European grade already in 1994, thanking to the award of the French Academy of arts "Charles Cros" for debut CD - "The Moldovan wedding in jazz". "Trigon's style encompasses elements of folk, jazz, rock and symphonic music. Brilliant improvisations and a keen understanding of musical forms characterize their jazz compositions. Trigon is undoubtedly a phenomenon in modern jazz music in its highest intellectual expression"
L.Osipova, Vice-president of the Russian Composers Union

During its two-decade-long evolution, Anatol Stefanet’s group Trigon has achieved a
fascinating synthesis between the autochtonous musical tradition and the cosmopolitan spirit of jazz.
Trigon’s unforgettable performances are impassioned whirlwinds of emotions transposed into music.
However, the instrumentalists’ temperamental involvement is balanced by a sovereign musical
sense and art of the nuances. Able to amaze listeners from all over the world,
Trigon paradoxically remains an underrated trophy in the ever-growing field of ethno-jazz.
Seemingly that is the price to be paid by artists who remain faithful to their roots these days,
 unless they are boosted by some para-aesthetic conjuncture. In effect, this musical and cultural
 phenomenon escapes any labeling. Trigon means Moldo-Romanian artistry in music at its best.
Virgil Mihaiu music critic of Jazz Critics Association of America (J.J.A.)

Trigon`s music was broadcasted on radio stations like BBC/London, WDR/Koln, Radio Cluj - Vocea Transilvaniei, RDP - Radio Portuguesa, Voice of America/ Washington, Radio Novi Sad, Radio Free Europe, Radio Nova de Porto, Radio France Internationale, in Switzerland on three radio posts where was presented by jazzolog Jurg Solothurnmann in 1995, 1996, 2000, CD-Radio Cluj -Napoca, Radio Paris-Lisboa, Radio of Russia. The group had concert tours in Spain, Russia, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Romania, Norway, Holland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine, Belorussia, England, Czech, Austria, Japan, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Greece, Portugal, Sweden…

In collaboration with The Shin group (Georgia) and Valts Puce group (Latvia) created the project  Port of Cultures.  In collaboration with Mark Alban Lotz (Germany/Holland) and Paul Pallessen (Holland) created the projects Moldova Calls quartet  and Moldova Calls octet . 


The group performed at :
1994 - "Grenoble Jazz Festival" (France)
1995 - "Varna Summer Festival" (Bulgaria)
1995 - Concert at Radio France International (France)
1996 - Norwegian music Academy, Oslo (Norway)
1998 - "Jazz Festival 22 Fabrik", Hamburg (Germany)
1998 - "Music Meeting 14", Nijmegen (Holland)
1999 - "St.Wendel jazz festival" (Switzerland)
1999 - Concert Hall "Fabrik", Hamburg (Germany)
2000 - "Savoie `d Jazz Festival" (France)
2000 - "Stefanet and his folk group" Radio France
2001 - "29 International Viola Congress", Wellington (New Zealand)
2001 - "Rikkoukai" Theater, Tokyo (Japan)
2001 - "Jazz & Klassik ", Tubingen (Germany)
2001 - "Alter Schlachthof", Sigmaringen (Germany)
2001 - "Varna Summer festival" (Bulgaria)
2002 - "Volmerange Les Boulay Festival" (France)
2002 - "Gerard PhilipeTheater Festival ", Frouard (France)
2002 - "Euromusica" (Hungary)
2002 - "Old Gold Jazz Festival", Belgrade (Yugoslavia).
2002 - "Euromusica" (Greece)
2004 - "Sochi jazz " (Russia)
2004 - "Mikolajki folkowe" (Poland)
2004 - "Varna Summer festival" (Bulgaria)
2004 - Festival of Moldavian culture in Milan (Italy)
2005 - "Est-Ouest Festival", Die-Drome (France)
2005 - "Festival Jazz and Wine", Cormons (Italy)
2005 - Festival
«Джаз над Волгой». Yaroslavl (Russia)                                                             
2005 - "Bucharest Jazz Festival" (Rumania), Sala ArCuB
2005 - "Limmitationes-Saal club" (Austria)
2005 - "Festival BuBuCish", Moscow (Russia)
2005 - "Kraina mrii festival", Kiev (Ukraine)
2005 - "Shesori festival", Ivano-Frankovsk (Ukraine)
2005 - Festival of chamber music, Kislovodsk (Russia)
2005 - Festival of chamber music, Min-vody (Russia)
2005 - Festival of chamber music, Essentuky (Russia)
2005 - "Viljandi Folk festival" (Estonia)
2005 - "Odessa Jazz carnival" (Ukraine)
2006 - Balkan fever, Vienna (Austria)

2006 - "Cerkno jazz festival" (Slovenia)
2006 - "Vilnus jazz Festival" (Lithuania)
2006 - "International Jazz" (Zagreb, Croatia)
2006 - Festival "TRANS@FORM", Sfantu Gheorghe (Romania)
2006 - "Garana jazz Festival (Romania)
2006 - "Astana Blues" Festival (Kazakhstan)
2007 - "Portalegre jazz festival" (Portugal)
2007 - "North Sea jazz festival" (Holland)
2007 - "Jazz in Hermitage garden", Moscow (Russia)
2007 - "Hotromania festival", Porgy & Bess, Vienna, (Austria)
2007 - "Jazzycolors" festival, Paris (France)
2007 - "Chimkent jazz festival" (Kazakhstan)
2007 - "Astana jazz festival" (Kazakhstan)
2008 - "SKIF International Festival", St. Petersburg (Russia)
2008 - International festival "April Jazz thesis" Archangelsk, (Russia)
2008 - "Bucharest Jazz Festival" (Romania)
2008 - "Pulse" Festival, London, Brighton (UK)
2008 - "29 th Montreal International Jazz Festival", (Canada)
2008 - "Earth Festival", Vlasti (Greece)
2008 - "Son del Aire Festival", Burgos, Leon, Zamora (Spain)
2008 - "Zece pentru mare" (Romania)
2009 - Andrei Tarkovskii International Film festival ”Zerkalo” (Russia)
2009 - The Music Village,  Brussels (Belgium)

2009 - The 12th floor,  Antwerp (Belgium)
2009 - "JazzaNova" festival, Kitzbühel (Austria)
2009 - "Garana jazz festival” (Romania)

2009 - CAUX FORUM for Human Security (Switzerland)
2009 - 30th EBU Modern Folk festival, Cologne (Germany)
                                                        2010 - Onda Jazz Club, Lisbon (Portugal)                                                                                   
2010 - Museu do Oriente,
Lisbon (Portugal)
2010 –
Stufstock, Vama veche (Romania)
2010 – The Port of cultures, Riga, Latvia
2010 – The Port of cultures, Teatru Eminescu, Chisinau
2010 – Yaroslavl jazz festival (Russia)
2010 – Odessa, (Ukraine)
2010 – “The Port of cultures”, Chisinau, Moldova
2010 - “Iasi Jazz Nights”, Club RS, Iasi (Romania)
2010 – “Moldova Calls” Tropentheater, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2010 –“Moldova Calls” De-X Leiden (Netherlands)
2010 –“Moldova Calls” Theater Bouwkunde, Deventer (Netherlands)
2010 –  “Moldova Calls” Jazz In Rotterdam at WMDC , Rotterdam, (Netherlands)
2010 - “Moldova Calls” SJU Jazz Podium,  Utrecht, (Netherlands)
2010 - “Moldova Calls” Paranoia Festival Tilburg, (Netherlands)
2011 – “Make Music Stockholm
2011 - Zhniva festival, Kiev (Ukraine)

2011 – Ziua Independentei, Chisinau (Moldova)

2011 – Porgy & Bess, Vienna (Austria)