Structura organizaţională    

“Atelierul Viitorului” AO.

Date of fondation 13 November 2003, Nr. 2010, IDNO 1010620009045
Tipe of organization – ONG
Address: MD 2038, Chişinău, bul. Decebal 68/2 of.59
Tel/fax (37322) 522704 gsm +373 79553777
art program:

Chear of „ Atelierul viitorului” – Marianna Postica
Director of cultural programs, lider of Trigon group– Anatol Ştefaneţ
Coordinator of programs, producer of Ethno Jazz Festival – Natalia Stefanet
Accountant - Lucia Cazacu.

Marianna Postica - The Chair of Atelierul Viitorului A.O.
Address: MD 2038, Chişinău, bul. Decebal 68/2 of.59
Personal experience:
1980 – 1990 Science Academy of Moldova Republic, Institute of Mathematics and Cybernetics. Engineer-economist of 1st category
1994 – 1997 Luceafarul Theatre, Head of marketing.
1995 – 1997 National TV Company, Manager of TV program – contest “Wheel of Fortune”
1997 – till present Manager of the Arts Center “Coliseum”,
1998 – 2000 “Eugene Ionesco” Theatre, Head of marketing.
1999 – 2000 “Moldova-Film”, Head of marketing.
2003 – till present - The president of the AO „Atelierul viitorului”.
She is an Executive director of projects:
13 editions of International Ethno Jazz Festival, 3 editions of „One Man Show” international Festival, The „Seventh Kafana” project (80 performances in cities of Moldova), and abroad at the Theatre international festival „Bonner Biennale” and „Days of Moldavian Culture in Germany” at International Festival of Balkans Countries in France, International Festival in Kiev (Ukraine), in 16 cities of Belarusian Republic, in 24 cities of Ukraine, in 8 cities of Russian.

Anatolie Stefanet – Art Director of Cultural programs of Atelierul Viitorului.
Address: MD 2008, Chisinau
V Lupu 4 apt 14
phone - 00 37322 74 75 96
mobil-373 79188 444

Professional Experience.
1972 - 1976 Orchestra "Lautarul" or. Balti;
1978 - 1992 Philharmonic National, Orchestra "Lautarii";
Since 1992 – till present leader of Ethno-jazz group Trigon;
Since 1994 – till present leader of Stefanet folk orchestra;
Since 1996 – member of international Black Sea Orchestra, leaded by Okay Temiz;
Since 2003 – Sea zone trio.

Lucia Cazacu - Accountant.
Address: Chisinau, str Maria Dragan, 28 / 2, ap.205.
phone: +373.22.479012
phone: +373691 083 546
Personal experience:
1999-2003 Chief Accountant, Theatre Luceafarul.
2003 – till present Chief Accountant Association "Atelierul Viitorului"
2003 - till present - Chief Accountant film studio "Moldova-film" SA.

Veronica Stefanet – PR manager
Address: Chisinau, str V.Lupu 4 , apt.14
phone: +373.22.747596
phone: +373 68800825

Personal experience: 2003 – 2006 – manager, designer “Media Signs Technologies”
2007 – present – designer and PR manager “Ethno Jazz Festival”
2010 – 2014 – graphic designer Publika TV
2014 – present - graphic designer “General Media Group”

Projects realized by associated group Atelierul Viitorului & Trigon art group.
Since 2002 till present – 13 editions of International Ethno Jazz,
Workshopes in Accademy of Music (Chisinau) Lead by Virgil Mihaiu (Romania) - professor of Esthetics of Academy of Music from Cluj, journalist of Down Beat Magazine;

Workshopes in Music College A. Rubinstein from Tiraspol:
2001 lead by Тrigon group;
2002 lead by Anatol Vapirov (Bulgaria)
2003 lead by "Second Approach" ( Russia), lead by professor of Institute of Rome Kristoff Wiernitsky (Italy).
2004 lead by Enver Ismailov (Ukraine)
2005 “The Shin” (Georgia)
2006 “Jazz Atmosphere” (Ucraina)
2007 “Balkan strings trio” (Serbia) suported by OSCE
2008 “Univox” (Moldova)
2008 “Amine&Hamza M`Raihi” (Marocco) suported by OSCE
2009 “Duende y Aire” (Spania)
2009 Vladiswar Nadishana (Germany/Russia),
2010 – Professor Mr. Krzysztof Wiernicki (Italy/Germany), Chengetai trio (Zimbabwe/France),
2011 – Mark Alban Lotz (Germany),
2011 – Jody Gilbert (USA), Paul Pallessen (Holland),
2012 – Soweto Entsha (South Afrika) suported by OSCE,
2012 – Gustav Lundgren (Sweden) suported by OSCE,
2013 – NICCOLO FARACI trio (Italy) , JOSCHO STEPHAN trio (Germany) suported by OSCE,
2013 –NIKORASON`G (Moldova), WORLD KORA trio (USA, Mali, France) suported by OSCE,
2014 – Nik Baerch Ronin (Switzerland), Indian Air group (Austria) suported by OSCE

2003, 2004, 2005 Exhibition of painting art, Photo art Exhibition
2003 – Painting art exhibition „ The colors of jazz” of students of Academy of Arts
2004 – Photo art Exhibition “Jazz in Picture” in Foto Art salon. Author - Victor Guzun
2004 – Concert-action "Against HIV/AIDS" realized in collaboration with UNICEF
2005 – Gala for the journalists and ONG active in Human Rights Protection. The project was realized in collaboration with UNDP.
2007 – 2011 – Port of Cultures Project (Georgia, Latvia, Moldova) Organized with support of General direction of EU.
2010 - Project "Cultural activities as a factor of regions development"
Partners: Ministry of Culture of Moldova, SDC. The project was conducted in 10 cities of the country Balţi, Tiraspol, Soroca, Calarasi, Hincesti, Orhei, Cahul, Comrat, Taraclia, Ungheni.
2008 - 2010 "Moldova calls" (Netherlands, USA, Germany, Moldova)
Partner: Music: World Series (Netherlands) Director General - Ineke Smits ,
Concert tour in Netherlands: Amsterdam, Leiden, Deventer, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Tilburg

The Honors:
2013 - Ethno Jazz festival was honored by First Award in nomination Management of Year, fonded by MUZZA Foundation and Ministry of Culture from Romania;
2010 - Ethno jazz festival was awarded by the decision of international coordination council Worldwide Alliance “Peacemaker” Talent and Vocation medal.
2009 - Festival was included in a CIS Book of Records for its` professional work