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International Ethno Jazz Trio Festival

"Trigon, the trio made up by Anatol Stefanet (viola), Oleg Baltaga (drums) and Alexandru Murzac (bass guitar), have served as their native Republic of Moldova's main jazz product during the last decade. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Trigon members produced the Ethno Jazz Trio festival in Moldova's capital, Chisinau, in late September. Dedicated exclusively to Trigon's own style and format, the event displayed enough diversity, ranging from the exquisite trad-classical-vanguard mixture of Moscow's Second Approach Project (Tatiana Komova, voc; Andrei Razin, p, Igor Ivanushkin, b) to the blatant folk-rock of the Troitsa group from Belarus, or from the exhilarating modal landscapes painted by Bulgarian saxophonist Anatoly Vapirov, Tatar guitarist Enver Izmailov, and Hungarian percussionist Kornel Horvath to the colorful percussion trio headed by Turkish superstar Okay Temiz. Bertrand Renaudin (dr) and Olivier Cahours (g) joined forces with viola-wizard Stefanet in a French-Moldavian project, Izmailov's own Tatar Trio provided exotic odd-rhythms from Crimea with more than a hint to Stanley Jordan's technique, while Poland's Magic Carpathians and Germany's Bardomaniacs delved into foreign cultural grounds. During the morning symposiums, moderated by Ghenadie Ciobanu, president of the Moldavian Composers' Union. Down Beat's only East European contributors had the chance to meet for the first time, and sign this report jointly." Virgil Mihaiu, Kirill Moshkow, Down Beat.

Ethno-jazz trio TRIGON

Anatol Stefanet - viola
Alexandru Murzac - guitar bass
Oleg Baltaga - drums, percussion


Andrei Razin piano
Tatiana Komova - vocals
Igor Ivanushkin - contrabass

The Second Approach project was created in 1998 They released fifth CD; each of them means a new pitch on a huge field of new improvisational music. In the determined extent this project is similar to ESM sound basis, however is very individual and with a pronounced national character, due to contrast experience of the participants.
Andrey Razin - composer, pianist and arranger, graduated Moscow Conservatory, Laureate of the competition "Young Talent Creation", member of the Russian Composers Union. His creational interest involves from classic cademically music up to jazz. An excellent improvisator and enthusiast of the jazz is playing in various jazz projects.
Tatiana Komova- the Honored Artist of Russia. From 1986 was singing in well known "ROMEN" trio and in duo with Gheorghe Kwick. This gipsy duo gained a wide popularity in France, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan and Israel. The CD's released by this duo are still very popular.
Igor Ivanushkin - Laureate of the international competitions in Indonesia at 1991 and 1995 and in Brussels in 1990. In 1993 was awarded with the Grand Prix of the jazz interprets in Bucharest.

Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary

Anatoly Vapirov - saxophone
Enver Izmailov - guitar
Kornel Horvath - percussion

Bulgarian super star, saxophonist and composer Anatoly Vapirov achieved a secure position as one of the leading musicians of modern jazz in the late 60s. This position he retains and now. He has a wide range of interest: he plays mainstream in the Gold Years of Jazz ensemble, in Varna he is Head of a Big Band playing traditional jazz Anatoly Vapirov is the author of more than 50 CDs released in Russia, Bulgaria, England, Germany, Denmark, Italy and Switzerland.
Horvath Kornel is master of percussion well known like studio musician and famous for his ethno-jazz projects. He participated at several festivals in Europe, America and India. His uncial technique of playing was marked with great success at the Philadelphia Percussion Festival in 1990. He played with David Friedman, Randy Brecker, Anthony Jackson and Tommy Campbell. Now he is the member of the Mirrorworld Project and Black Sea Trio. His solo album the "Rag Handed" was released in 1992. In 1999 the "Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung" describes him as a musician of world-class. Enver Izmailov - Tatar Trio, Black Sea Orchestra.

France, Moldova

Bertrand Renaudin - drums, percussion
Olivier Cahours - acoustic guitar
Anatol Stefanet - viola

Bertrand Renaudin and Olivier Cahours are well known in France for their wide concerts activity and involvement in many jazz projects. The original composition of this duo - acoustic guitar and drums - unites musicians in creation of an acoustic album that remarks an unusual melodic character. One of the 3 CD's of the duo -"L'Arbre Voyage" - Label Harmondia Mundi 2000 was awarded with the "Shock" prize of the Jazzman magazine.The painter, percussionist, conductor and lyric composer Bertrand Renaudin is "Musician without boundaries' which " creates music that could be released yesterday or ten years ago or will be recorded in ten years". All Renaudin's projects testify to fidelity and validity of this affirmation.


Marek Styczynski - chenai, didgeridoo
Anna Nacher - vocals, guitar
Jan Kubek - tabla, djemble

Magic Carpathians Project formed by Anna Nacher and Marek Styczynski has developed the Magic in four CD -"Ethnocore" - FLY Music "The Book of Utopy" and "Denega" - Obuh Records "Ethnocore 2: nytu" - Drunken Fish Records. They regularly run the workshops called "Biomusic" and "Reclaim the voice", which combine the art, music, theatre and restore at the same time deep contact with the energy and creative power of Nature. In 2001 The Magic Carpathians has toured the United States with success.


Enver Izmailov- guitar
Nariman Umerov - accordeon
Lenie Izmailova - vocals

"Tatar Trio's music stylistically is ethno-jazz or world jazz. This music is a combination of many elements - jazz, Mediterranean and oriental folklore, classical harmony and astonishing virtuosity. Trio's repertoire matches with main theme of his leader creation, Super star, Legendary guitarist virtuous.
Enver Izmailov - an unique musician who invented "tapping" - a highly original technique of the electric guitar playing - knowing nothing about Stanley Jordan who invented the same in US at the same time. Enver Izmailov is the prizewinner of the First European International Guitarist Competition in 1995 in Switzerland. As a result he singed a publicity-endorsement contract with Garry Levinson's Blade Company, which produces special guitars for him The Honored artist of the Ukraine, Member of the Association of Ukrainian Jazz Musicians, is playing together with Nariman Umerov, Anatol Stefanet in the international ethno-jazz "Black Sea Orchestra" founded by the Okay Temiz and presented by United World Music Management , named by the press "all star band".
Lenie Izmailova - the debut appearance on stage of Festival Ethno-jazz trio was noticed by press: "Really, we were presented on the dawning of this new beautiful blond star and new contender of well-known Aziza Mustafa-Zadeh?" (Virgil Mihaiu, Contrafort).


Ivan Chirciuc - vocals, ocarina, flute, lira
Iurii Pavlovschii - pecrussions, drums
Iurii Dmitriev - guitar, vocals, lira, cetera.

Participating at an alternative music contest in 1996, organized by SOROS foundation this trio received a high public sympathy and the juries notice it by awarding them with the first prize. Since this moment the trio began very intense their concert activity in Byelorussia and abroad. During the 7 years they held more than 400 concerts and recorded the most successful on 3 CD's at the PAN-Records studio in Nederland. 15 years of Ivan Circiuc's folkloric expeditions in the Byelorussian villages founded the ethno basis of the conception of self-expression of the trio. The archaic folk ritual songs were organically included in their repertoire and were fulfilled in the modern times, saving authentically sounded the archaic and the folkloric melodies. Troitsa gave a new life to the songs that was on the way of disappearing. This group is like a link between the past and the future, of the history values, and way of existence of this nation.

Turkey, Moldova

Okay Temiz - pecrussions, drums
Oleg Baltaga - pecrussions, drums
Alexander Zavalii - pecrussions, drums

The Turkish super star Okay Temiz is now reaching a wider audience with his exciting, innovative percussion playing, and his unique approach to multi-cultural music. He is graduating Conservatoire in Ankara and launches his professional musical career in 1955. His 30 years work in Scandinavia, the innovators experiments concerning folk and jazz music, makes Okay to became one of the greatest musicians of the world. Okay Temiz plays all kinds of percussion instruments that he has collected all over the world and confected by himself. Okay's Projects involve a harmony between folk and improvisation; create a sound that is on the foreground of today's World Music Okay Temiz has participated in more than 250 festivals, played about 3000 concerts, and released 57 CDs in different countries: In 1991 his album "Fis Tziganes", reached Number 3 on the French music charts, CD "Green Wave", for years remained to be among the top 10 of World Music DJs' annual lists. The CD released in Greece was shortly chosen and rated as a five-star album by the Down Beat jazz magazine. He is playing with "Temiz's Romans band" and with his international "Black Sea Orchestra" named "all stars band"
Oleg Baltaga - trio Trigon.
Alexander Zavalii - professional percussionist, playing in jazz group Univox. He has participated at jazz festrivals in Russia, Holland, France.

Germany, USA

Michael Bardo Henning - accordion
Pauline Boeykens - tuba
Andreas Kohlmann - percussions

For twenty years now, Michael Bardo Henning has been known as a pianist and composer on stages and at festivals, in radio and television productions across Europe. Bardo Henning's music features a warm lyrical tone, an improvisational power, a rhythmic expressivity and lucidity in composition. He is well known as jazz soloist and like conductor of big band Experimenti Berlin Orchestra He plays in "Band Serene" and "Blauer Salon - lyrics" orchestra, in "Achmed's Dream" - suit for the Turkish chorus and jazz orchestra; in duo and trio with Sirone, Tonz Oxlez and Albert Mangelsdorff. He released 11 CDs in 10 years was awarded in 1981 - prize of German Sound Academy; in 1989 - Jazz Award of the SWF; 1986, 1987, 1989 - the award of Berlin City.
Pauline Boeykens is originally from Michigan USA She holds degrees from the university of Wisconsin-Madison and the Yale school of music. Focusing on chamber music, she has participated at festivals in Aspen and Norfolk (USA) and Banff (Canada). Since 1990 she has lived in Germany where works as a freelance musician. She has played with the north German Radio (NDR) Big Band, Experimenti Berlin, Carla Bley, Robbie Williams, Dedication Orchestra (London), United Women's Orchestra, Salsa Band Mujeres, Solist at Espressiva festival, Bardomaniacs, Howard Johnson's Gravity and various Theater Productions including "Meschugge vor Hoffnung" with Giora Feidman.